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Getting Started

Tangible Engine SDK Bundle

Minimum System Requirements

  • Computer Processor - 4th Gen Intel Core processor / Equivalent or better
  • Ideum - 3M multitouch system
  • Windows 8.1 or higher

What's New

  • Ideum's Tangible Engine tracks configured static touch patterns on Ideum multitouch tables
  • Multiple tangible objects can be tracked at a time
  • The engine can read XML documents to configure the tracker and manager
  • Ideum's Tangible Engine Visualizer and Configuration Utility can create XML documents used by the tracker and manager

Known Issues

  • The Unity3D bindings have a limited feature set
  • Tangible Engine library currently does not track absolute orientation. It can track discrete and aggregate rotations. Absolute orientation is planned for a future release.
  • The tangible tracker currently needs symmetric patterns to define its centroid properly. Support for asymmetrical patterns is planned for a future release.

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