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-{{htmlmetatags>​metatag-og:​title=(Tangible Engine - Object Recognition Software for Multitouch Tables) 
-metatag-keywords=(Tangible Engine, authoring, library, fiducial, tangible, Ideum, multitouch, C++, Unity3D, projected capacitive) ​ 
-metatag-og:​description=(Tangible Engine is an authoring package and SDK that supports the use of fiducial object recognition - the first of its kind to work with projected-capacitive touch screens.) ​ 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(Tangible Engine Wiki- Object Recognition Software for Multitouch Tables) 
-====== Tangible Engine 1.5.0 ====== 
-===== Overview ===== 
-The Tangible Engine SDK is an authoring library supporting the use of fiducial object recognition on Ideum multitouch tables. This software allows for the unique recognition of objects with tangible 3D printed conductive patterns. The Tangible Engine is the first authoring system of its kind to work with projected capacitive touch screens. The Tangible Engine library comes with C++ and Unity 3D bindings and an open source [[https://​​documentation/​guide/​Visualizer.html|Visualization and Configuration Utility]] authored using Qt's [[http://​​qt-5/​qtquick-index.html|Qt Quick module]].  ​ 
-===== Minimum System Requirements ===== 
-  * **Computer Processor -** 4th Gen Intel Core processor / Equivalent or better 
-  * **Ideum -** 3M multitouch system 
-  * **Windows -** 8.1 or higher 
-===== Release Notes ===== 
-==== What's New ==== 
-  *   The Tangible Engine API has been greatly simplified to easily allow binding to any language 
-  *   The absolute orientation of a tangible is now tracked 
-  *   ​Multi-monitor applications are now supported 
-  *   The tracking fidelity has been greatly improved 
-  *   ​Official Unity and QML bindings are available 
-  *   The Tangible Engine can read JSON documents to configure the tracker. Ideum'​s Tangible Engine Visualizer and Configuration Utility can create JSON documents used by the tracker. 
-==== What's in the Bundle ==== 
-  * 64 and 32 bit DLLs to access the Tangible Engine 
-  * C, Unity, and QML bindings to get started with new tangible object-powered applications 
-  * The Tangible Engine Visualizer and Configuration tool 
-  * Documentation for printing your own Tangibles 
-====  Known Issues ====  
-  * The Unity bindings have a limited feature set 
-  * The tangible tracker currently needs symmetric patterns to define its centroid properly. Support for     ​asymmetrical patterns is planned for a future release. 
-===== Learn More ===== 
-To learn more about the features that come with Tangible Engine [[http://​ | visit the Tangible Engine website]] or [[http://​​documentation | read the documentation]]. 
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